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GeneCo Starts New Website Blog!

GeneCo New Blog

News About GeneCo

Now that we have our new site up and running, we hope to keep our followers updated and informed! Also we would like to show everyone new to GeneCo what we are all about! That being said we will start posting news as we get it such as:

  • New Projects in Abilene and Texas

  • GeneCo weekly Safety Topics

  • GeneCo Special Offers and Social Media News

  • Employee Introductions

  • And More!

Related Abilene, Texas area News Stories

At least once montly we are going to keep you up to date about local events and stories!

  • Local inspiring stories

  • Near by events and gatherings

  • Special sales or opportunities

  • And More!

Thank You!

We want to thank you for your support of GeneCo and hope you check in often for more exciting and useful news!